Why You Should Blog – Blog Collab

Today is National Writing Day and to celebrate I want to inspire some of you to start blogging. I have teamed up with a bunch of other amazing bloggers who are all talking about different awareness or celebratory days in the month of June. I am here to bring you a post about this day so we can celebrate all things literature.

I always adored learning english ever since I was about six years old, I used to make my mum give me spelling tests on ridiculously hard words and I would read books that were alot more advanced. That carried on through secondary school, college and now into my adult life. I studied journalism for two years because of how much I loved to write and tell stories. When univeristy fell through, I took to blogging instead.

You don’t have to be the best writer in the world to set up a website, for free, and start rambling on about thoughts or your interests. It can be used as just a hobby or full time hustle.


It’s a way of journalling

My blog is full of everything I think, see, know and experience. Just like a journal but it’s public and out there for people to see (so make sure you don’t say anything mean). Blogging is a form of story telling, you might have heard this story in my previous blog posts but I started my blog from my love of writing and wanting to tell a story about how rubbish a makeup product was.

It will improve how you write

Even though I have always been great at English wether it be language or literature, there are some words I can find hard to spell. When I started blogging there were words I struggled to spell but after learning from my trusty Grammarly I have been able to grasp how to spell them correctly. That might be a little thing thats a bonus but it’ll help you tell stories much better too.

You’ll learn when writing

I have to do research even when I am writing about somehting I know, for example if i am talking about an eyeshadow palette I’ll do my research on when it was released or what ingredients go into it. During my research on multiple topics I always uncover facts I never knew. Did you know some companies crush beetles to make red eyeshadow? No? You do now.

Blogging opens doors

Personally I have known bloggers in the communtiy go onto writing books that get published, news outlets pick up their posts, we make friends, make money and even get business opportunities.

Blogging doesn’t have to be posts that are written perfectly, express yourself, rant and rave, talk about the things you love!



This is our third collab and I just want to say I am so very happy I met this great bunch of girls. We are a very tight friendhip group and have been helping eachother get through this lockdown! Make sure to follow them all down below! Can’t wait for the next on girls x

If you would like to follow me for beauty and lifestyle content my links are below. Take care and I’ll see you all soon – Beth x

Korean Skincare Haul

After watching numerous K dramas I was blown away by how every single actor/actress has glass-like skin with no imperfections. I had heard I had looked at YesStyle but the shipping time I was quoted was unreal and I was worrying about potential customs charges! So after searching around the web, I came across a site called PureSeoul .

Theyre UK based and it only took 3 days for my items to arrive to me. I spent just under £50 which wasn’t bad at all to say I bought 11 items in total. Let’s dive into it and I hope you enjoy watching me practically throw away my furlough pay, gotta be done though!



Laneige Sleeping Masks (face and lips) £3.80/£4.90

These masks cost just under £5 and they’re fantastic. I might do a review at some point but I bought these beacause i wanted something lightweight to wear through the nightime that doesn’t feel oily but still gives moisture to the skin. Buy it here.


Etude House Lip Tint £4.80

I got this in the shade OR202 . I thought the orange shade would look so gorgeous and I have always wanted to try a lip tint the doesn’t get taken off easily by things I eat and drink. This tint is waterbased and comes in a range of shades. Buy it here.



 Etude House Cleanser & Toner £1.90/£9.80

I read a article of theirs talking about 10 step korean skincare routines and this came up as an option to use when double cleansing so after I read five star reviews I caved in and bought it. Along with a trial sized toner to try. I paid £9.80 for 150ml of cleanser which I don’t find too bad at all. I’ll be posting about my updated skincare routine soon but let me tell you, this wash is amazing! Buy it here.



A’Pieu Sheet Mask £2.30

Sheet masks are a major step in the 10 step routine! This one was just calling to me, the packaging was gorgeous and the fact it was pineapple scented enticed me even more. Buy it here.



Banila.Co Clean It Zero Balm (4pack) £12.80

These balms have 4 different types as each type does something different. They all work with a double cleanse routine! I decided to get the set so I can try different ones and see what’s best for me. Theres the original, purifying, revitalising and moisturing balm that comes in this pack. Buy it here.




This company was so kind to send along these freebies with my order. Two are trial size and one is a full sized sheet mask! Products feel 10x better when they’re free, am I right? I obviously used to mask about 10 minutes after unboxing my order, my skin has been glowing since.




I love showing you things I’ve bought when I am desparately trying to save money, oh well. Shopping is a form of self care and lord knows we need it right now. Take care – Beth x





(I haven’t been asked to make a post mentioning this brand. I just wanted to support them as they were incredible with customer service and delivered everything to me quickly. All is bought with my own money! )

Two Year Blog Anniversary

19th of May 2018 my blog was officially launched. It was something I had debated for a very long time but in the end, although I had no experience, I jumped straight into it and here we are two years on!

I have mentioned this here and there but the reason I started blogging was because of how much I enjoyed writing and I really wanted to rant about a rubbish makeup product I’d wasted my money on. To be honest when got everything set up I hadn’t really done any research into blogging because I thought it would be a doddle… WRONG. It can be hard wrapping your head about ways to get more views, earn money or have your posts show up on Google.

Two years on and I am still learning so much about what I do as my side hobby. I almost gave up many times, there were times where I felt like my content was useless or that no one wanted to be friends with me in the community. But it’s so easy just to give up, and if I had I wouldn’t be where I am right now.



I have had a lot of achievements, I don’t compare them to anyone else’s like I used to because I know if I do that I’ll be majorly disheartened. My first one was managing to increase my DA (domain authority) to 13. It’s not much but it’s better than 3 when I started.

I have managed to start getting paid opportunities which is absolutely fantastic, 90% of my posts aren’t paid but it’s nice when you get paid to do something you enjoy. It took me a while to get to that point because it all came down to DA.

Sometimes I can still feel like an outcast on a bad day but I have made some fantastic friends in the community whom I couldn’t be more grateful for. I have a bunch of girls who I currently collab with too – you can find that post here for the collab we all did.

Of course, I have had some lows too. If someone paints a pretty picture and make out it’s been a smooth ride then they’re either lying or not human.


I would say downfall wise in my two years of blogging is the consistency of posting. It can be tiresome when you have to get lots of posts ready and scheduled to go up on your blog. My consistency has been all over the place, sometimes laziness and sometimes something comes up in life. I wouldn’t say there are many more downfalls, I just keep making sure I am always kind and supportive to others in our community to avoid a negative vibe.


Goals for the future

I want to make sure I am increasing the traffic to my pages with the correct marketing tools. More paid opportunities would be great too, I think more will come if I blog more consistently.

I just want to keep blogging and keep enjoying what I do without any drama or negativity. One main goal is to also take more photos for my page, I see bloggers with incredible photos and then I realise mine might not look so great so they’re definitely things to improve on.

Always keep going and making the content you love, you’ll have that breakthrough at some point. If you’re thinking of starting a blog and need help, read my post here.


My blogging has been somewhat slow because I’ll be totally honest, I have been so unmotivated. My mental health is poor at the moment too. Just want normality back! Take care – Beth x





Mental Health Update/Check-In

This lockdown has been quoted by Dr Elke Van Hoof as ‘the world’s biggest psychological experiment‘. And I completely agree with that quote, it’s been such a test for us all and our current mental health states. For me, personally, my mental health has ben on such a rollercoaster during this time. As I write this today I feel happy and optimistic wheras yesterday it was more of an anxious, on edge sort of day. Hit and miss.

I have been lucky enough to still be able to have chats with my therapist who really does help when things get too much, it’s like having reassurance or a warm hug through the screen. It might not be the same as going to in person sessions but it is the best that can be done for now. I feel like I am adjusting to being in lockdown but I have found more anxiety come as a result of that.  But I am still trying to get through it and I want to share with you some of the things that have been helping me!

I stopped reading the news/ deleted apps

As my great therapist says, you can’t always avoid a trigger. Which is very true, but you can also put some measures in place to avoid things that make you inhappy. Tiktok for instance was making me feel constantly triggered as people would make jokes about horrible things me and millions of others had been through, these reminders kept popping up for me and making it harder for me to keep safe during lockdown. So, I deleted the app. On twitter, I have muted so many words that talk about topics I am sick of hearing about, COVID-19 is the obvious one. It might seem like a small step but it’s majorly helpful.


Learnt new things

As of right now I am learning/have learnt, many new things.  I decided to learn new things and also expand on my skills in something I already have knowledge about! Drawing is something I have done for such a long time but never really went into the ins and outs of. Now I am doing illustrations as well as portraits, I’m finally able to use shading pencils. One thing to note though is even though we have alot of time to do things, you don’t always have to be productive. But by having goals to learn helps keep my brain from thiking about the bad things.

Connecting with people

When I can actually be bothered and look presentable, I have been making sure to stay in touch with friends and family who I cant see right now. A quick phone call or facetime with everyone struggling to get around one phone is the best way to not feeling so alone.



Bullet journaling is really helpful for me, when I feel really really low, I have a list in there of all the things I love so much about being alive. It gives me the strength to carry on living through any hard times. I can get lost but just taking a pen and doodling in my journal or writing about how frustration things are right now.


Unfortunatley mental health services were strethced before the current situation but now they’re stretched more than ever, because of this here are a few reasources that can help you out if you aren’t able to speak to anyone. If you or anyone you know is really struggling and can’t seem to feel better then here are a list of helplines you can call, just to chat to a trained advisor and get it off your chest.

MIND UK 0300 123 3393 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm)

SANEline UK. If you’re experiencing a mental health problem or supporting someone else, you can call SANEline on 0300 304 7000 (4.30pm–10.30pm every day).

Papyrus HOPELINEUK. If you’re under 35 and struggling with suicidal feelings, or concerned about a young person who might be struggling, you can call Papyrus HOPELINEUK on 0800 068 4141 (weekdays 10am-10pm, weekends 2pm-10pm and bank holidays 2pm–10pm), email pat@papyrus-uk.org or text 07786 209 697.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) UK. If you identify as male, you can call the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) on 0800 58 58 58 (5pm–midnight every day) or use their webchat service.


National Domestic Violence Hotline
(800) 799-7233

Rape, Sexual Assault, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN)
(800) 656-HOPE

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – For youth and adults
(800) 273-TALK (8255)

I hope you’re all still staying safe right now, my motivation to blog has been all over the place so posts have been quite slow. Take care, stay safe – Beth x

How I’m Staying Occupied in Isolation

This post is part of a collaboration between me and a group of other talented, female bloggers. We have since started a group called the blog brew. All of their links are at the bottom of this post so please make sure to support their posts too! I wanted to bring you a post about things I am getting up to whilst being isolated.

In the UK we are about 3 weeks into lockdown, we can only go out for food shopping, medical care and one outdoor exercise activity per day. Being confined to a house, I have been trying to get as creative as possible! Please stay at home and stay safe.


Spending more time with family

My mum and dad both work 5 days a week so I don’t get much time with them to spend as a proper family. Having the time to spend with them now is the best thing ever, I am making sure we can stay focused by doing puzzles, playing board games, baking and being active. I even have made Thursday night our quiz nights! My family does get very competitive when it comes to board games though, do yours?


Watching movies & TV shows

I hopped on the bandwagon and got Disney+ to keep me entertained. I don’t really watch normal TV, just the odd game show here and there so having the ability to go and watch as many movies as I like is brilliant for me. I made a list of everything I wanted to see and I have gotten through it pretty quickly. There were loads of new releases I checked out, last night I watched Lady and The Tramp (2019) and then Bohemian Rhapsody! So amazing! My TV show of choice is Grey’s Anatomy and The ACT.

Setting Goals/learning new things


I have now got the time to do as many things as I would like to. I thought the best way to spend my time would be by being productive and learning a few things. My friend sent me a link to courses through Wowcher, I have found a makeup course which I’m now studying and will earn a certificate for at the end. When I started getting bored of lockdown by week 2, I decided to sit and make a list of all the things I wanted to learn and achieve by the end of it:

  • Learn to bullet journal
  • Learn more songs on the piano
  • Do a course of some sort
  • Learn how to draw illustrations

Working Out


I have been a little bit reluctant to even go out walking now because people are idiotic and can’t seem to stick to the distancing rules so I have stayed away from going out and walking the dog. Instead, I have turned to online workouts, HIIT from home and playing football in the garden. In the first week of lockdown, I stayed on the sofa, didn’t move or workout but now I know that by getting my body moving will also help distract my mind too.

Chilling out


One of the main things is making sure I do have my chillout times. The excuse of not having any work to go to or being able to go out means I can spend more time sleeping in, playing as much Sims as I can and staying in my pj’s all day. Some days I am a little bit lazy and don’t get dressed or wake up till about 3pm but I might as well enjoy it whilst I can.

Even though I have been posting about COVID 19 and how I keep occupied, please learn the right tips to stay safe during this pandemic. Stay home, stay safe, protect our NHS. Take care – Beth x




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My Everyday Makeup Routine

I wear makeup often, not every day but often. I have seen thousands of bloggers share their makeup routine and I am yet to share mine, I get asked a lot about what products I use so I thought I’d bring this post to you so you could see for yourself! Let me know in the comments your favourite go-to products!

My routine when it comes to skin stays the same always because I have spent years trying to find the perfect combination of products that actually lasts and looks great for my specific skin type/problems.

For a primer, I obviously moisturise beforehand with Cetaphil as it doesn’t feel oily on my skin or breaks me out. Depending on what I’ll be doing on the day like if I am going to work I’ll put some primer on so I am guaranteed more lasting wear, one of my go-to primers is by MUA and its the Pro Base Oil Free PrimerThen for a foundation, I use the Maybelline Superstay as it evens out all my texture and covers perfectly! It has been my favourite since 2018.



My under eyes are scarily dark so after foundation comes concealer, I have 2 go two concealers right now that I am trying to use up. They are FULL COVERAGE like scarily full coverage. one is the ELF Camo Concealer and the other is L’Oreal Infallible Concealer. For setting everything I use the Laura Mercier Powder, it doesn’t look cakey and sets everything for me.

I use the Benefit Hoola lite for contour and Cookie highlighter for a blinding highlight! It’s so stunning.

Brows are the window to the soul for me! Spend most of my time on eyeshadow and brows. My mum got me a Benefit brow set so I have every bit of brow equipment I need to get them looking stunning. I usually take pomade and a brow mascara as I like full-looking brows.

blue blood

When it comes down to eyeshadow, it all depends on what mood I am. Recently I have been doing some neutral shades in the crease and then going in with a navy shade of shadow and smoking it out on my lash line. The everyday palettes I go to are the Blood Sugar or Blue Blood by Jeffree Star.

To seal everything in I use Morphe’s setting spray, it’s really good but genuinely not worth the price point. I was bought it for Christmas so I obviously use it but wouldn’t pay that much for it!

Lastly, time for lips. I like them to look glossy and big. I am all about glossy at the moment. My go-to gloss is by Barry M and it the XXL Swell, makes my lips look amazing and is extremely affordable. A word of warning if you do buy this gloss: it does sting to make your lips bigger, so if you don’t like that sensation do not buy.  Once this is done, I am ready to go!


How is everyone doing during this hard time? I was doing really well and I cracked a bit recently. Been feeling very lonely as my friends haven’t really been reaching back out to me but I guess it is what it is. I pray everyone is ok and staying safe. Take care – Beth x




10 Things to Do Whilst in Self Isolation

The UK and most of the world is now on lockdown due to the coronavirus which means you can only drive to and from work, go out once a day to exercise and only go to the shop for essentials. It’s a testing and trying time for us all and I have only been without work since Thursday but I am already going slightly mad, I wanna give you some ideas for what you can do whilst in isolation/lockdown that can curb boredom and potentially help low mood.

Before I get into the list I just want everyone who is reading this to know no matter how alone we feel and how scary this all is we will get through it. Please be kind to each other in this time. I am scared just like everyone else but please hang in there. If you end up feeling really low, the Samaritans are operating as normal, call them on 116 123 or visit MIND for advice on how to cope.


Read a book/books

I am currently reading After Pt 2 by Anna Todd. I read the first one years ago and watched the movie on Netflix. I bought the book so I didn’t have to wait for ages for the second movie to come out, with all this extra time I think I will be able to read most of my bookshelf. You all have enough time to read now, even if it’s a book series you have read before like Harry Potter or Twilight, read it again. It’ll help your mind come away from the current madness we are living in.



Watch a TV series

There are insane amounts to choose from, Amazon Prime has a variety of programmes to stream,  so has Netflix, 4oD, BBCIplayer. Some are free and some are paid for. It’s really good to have something to invest your time into, I have just finished watching Sex Education and now I am watching Lucifer on Amazon prime.



Create Art

You don’t need an expensive art kit of paints and markers to create something great! Get some paper, a pencil and a pen and just go berzerk. Here is a link for you to do art with minimal supplies. I personally love to paint, before lockdown I went and got loads of supplies from Hobbycraft so my paint was stocked up. My recent painting was a willow tree on the lake, it was a gift to my mum for mothers day. If you’re serious about learning to do art better go on Skillshare, I used it before and highly recommend!


Sort/Organise clutter

Perfect time to sit down and gut through all your clothing, clutter and things you don’t use anymore. Bag them up and take them to a donation centre or charity shop (check if they’re accepting at the moment due to COVID-19). Organise your wardrobes or makeup drawers, throw out what out of date in your food cupboards. Now is the best time to sit and gut the house.

Start a blog

This is the perfect time to start a blog when you have all this time! If you’re struggling to get started then follow my post on how to do it here. My fellow bloggers, this is the perfect time for us to give our blogs makeovers and create new content. I have been able to schedule so many posts to save me the stress of writing them hours of days before. Find something you love and talk about it! Even blog about life during lockdown.


Give yourself a makeover

Nothing wrong with how you already look but there is plenty of time to invent a new you. But by this, I don’t mean shave off all your hair, but maybe I do. Treat yourself to a new look, I cut all my hair off recently and it was a great experience which I looked better at the end of. Get some tan on, paint your nails, shave, exfoliate. Just treat and pamper yourself.



Even though it doesn’t cure depression for some, it does help. Get your trainers on or get the dog and walk. Or if you prefer to stay inside then do a home workout, there are thousands to choose from on Youtube all for FREE. I have been using my allowance of one walk outside a day to take the dog on a 5-mile run. You don’t have to be extreme, just keep moving.


Movie marathon

There is plenty of time to watch all 8 Harry Potter films at once or rewatch every Star Wars film to ever be made. Use the time to make a list of all the movies you’ve wanted to watch but never have actually got round to doing. For me, I want to watch: •10 Things I Hate About You •Dirty Dancing •Bohemian Rapsody.



Learn a new hobby/skill

Guitar? Learn it. How to sew? Learn it. Play the piano? Learn it. There are multiple videos on how to learn these things, people have uploaded lots of tutorials on youtube for the things you most want to learn. One of my new hobbies is cross stitching and it’s something I want to keep working on.

Learn to cook/bake

Cooking is a skill that I probably need to attain as my expertise only lays in cooking eggs on toast. It could be really good to learn how to cook especially of you’re a uni student who has had to come home for a bit. Learn to bake so you can bake your family a cake that says happy isolation!



Hope you’re all staying safe during this time, remember to follow advice from your government to ensure minimum exposure potentially to the coronavirus. Please look after yourselves. Take care – Beth x





(some photos are my own, others are from Pexels)

Let’s Talk – Toxic Relationships

Toxic people come in all shapes and sizes. Not everyone is an obvious toxic person as they don’t walk around with a huge sign stating it and it can be hard when they have also manipulated you into putting up with their nonsense. I wanted to talk about this as I have recently left multiple friendships/relationships that were extremely toxic and unhealthy. I want to showcase what it does to a person, how badly it affects your mental health and how life afterwards really is.

Before we head straight into the post I just want to point out I am talking from personal experience, my advice is my own opinion and everyone’s situation is different!

I have been in multiple toxic friendships/relationships over the course of my life, I’m only 22 so I have obviously put up with and been through a lot for my age. Being in one is one of the most tiring things I think I have ever endured. For some people, it might be less severe than that but in my experience, it’s been draining. Toxicity has a fine line of being just toxic and then being abusive, I, unfortunately, have suffered being in both of these situations and I am sure my readers have been also.

If I was to be kind to myself I would describe myself as a nice, caring person who wants to help anyone I can. That in itself can make you a little naive and susceptible to being taken advantage of by people who couldn’t care less about you. Wanting to please someone all the time is something I have naturally struggled with since being a child and has reflected into all of my friendships and relationships throughout life. If you’re anything like me you understand what I mean when I say you’d bend over backwards for someone even if they weren’t giving you anything in return. Even after people around me had pointed out these people were using me and were cruel I still thought I was the problem and maybe it was me that wasn’t doing enough. How wrong was I…


As mentioned before, toxic people come in all shapes and sizes, most commonly friends and partners. Although, some parents can also be toxic towards their children also. People do usually show signs and red flags, but, we easily ignore them because we want to be accepted or loved. It is pretty common.

They use manipulative tactics to make life as hard as it can be for you. Making someone feel as small as they can is essential to them!

“This ‘friend’ slowly turned me against my true friends. I had looked up to her and admired her, and I was always seeking for her approval. She would reward make me feel happy and rewarded whenever I ignored another friend or said something terrible to them. ” – athenachristy.wordpress.com

It can be extremely stressful when you have to deal with someone who is toxic. For me it would be feeling so sick to check my phone I would turn it off for days on end, if I knew I’d be left on read I would have to delete the conversation with this person so I’d be able to go back onto the app we were talking on without feeling obsessive about checking when they were last online or if they were replying. My hair would fall out in clumps and I’d feel unwell having to deal with these people in my life. Everyone else’s reaction does vary.

“Stressed. If I wasn’t doing what she wanted me to, she’d give me the silent treatment. I was always walking on egg shells around her. But don’t get me wrong when she was nice, she was lovely! But when she was “moody” for lack of a better word, it was awful.” – chimmyville.co.uk


I’d always feel this horrible feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach if I knew I would have to deal with these people/person.

“I found it so difficult to sleep, was unable to eat and couldn’t face going to work (we worked together. I would be so worried every day and I couldn’t concentrate on anything else.”


Life after being in a relationship or friendship with a toxic person is extremely hard. I still find myself finding dating and making friends hard because of past problems. I fear it’ll repeat again. You also become somewhat programmed to expect people are going to use or mistreat you and that your past experience will repeat itself all over again. For some of you, life after being around a toxic person might be able to resume back to normal fairly quickly but for others, it can take time. It is so easy to go over what happened but eventually, you’ll look back and praise yourself for getting out of it when you did! I sometimes still find it tough looking back but it’s something we will get through. Everyone’s healing is different.

“I think the hardest part of this was having no explanation as to why. I started questioning myself. Did I do something wrong? What did I do? Did she never like me at all? I went through so much doubt, frustration, and anger. After having a couple years to mull it over, I now know this was for the best. And it doesn’t matter what the reason was. Clearly, she was never as invested as me, and didn’t treat me with the same respect. Of course, that wasn’t fair to me. I’m lucky the friendship ended when it did; that finally opened my eyes.” –  Haley @ introvertedcreativity.com/
“Heartbroken, I still am.. The person in general I loved to bits so it hurts to loose someone you were so close to, but at the same time.. that constant feeling of worry and stress was lifted. I guess what I’m trying to say is.. You may love a partner/friend so much that you don’t realise how toxic that person is to you untill you let them go.” –mrssleejones.com

You’re not alone in the way someone is making you feel, talk to someone about what it is or how you’re feeling about the situation. Don’t suffer in silence! For me when things got really difficult with these friends and partners I spoke to my mum every time. Having someone that can shed some light or clarity onto things is very helpful. If you get really down and depressed, if your mental health is really deteriorating then please talk to a GP or ring a hotline. Look after number 1!

I wanted to say a quick thank you to all the ladies that helped me out with my post by sharing their experiences, their links are included in the post so go check them all out! It’s really brave and just shows we aren’t alone in all this. I hope my readers enjoyed this post and could also have learned something about dealing with toxic people. Stay safe out there! Take care – Beth x




How to Make Your Own Makeup Brush Cleaner

After scrolling through hours and hours of Tik Tok videos I came across a video of a girl making her own brush cleaner and I thought to myself I HAVE TO DO THIS! It’s money-saving, quick and helped me upcycle storage containers I had laying around.

As an MUA I have over 50 makeup brushes, plenty for my eyes, face, contour and beauty blenders for my base. These need to be cleaned often as harmful bacteria multiplies easily onto the fibres. It can cause acne, blackheads or even conjunctivitis. Research shows that bacteria such as E.coli, fungus and staphylococcus are just some of the few bacterias to be found on makeup brushes who haven’t seen soap and water in a while.

So let’s get these brushes clean, make makeup application better and save money!  I’m going to show you how to make it using a step by step guide, it’s super easy.

You will need:

  • 1-3 bars of soap (depending on container size)
  • Boiling water
  • A spare container (I used an old, clean lunchbox)
  • A cheese grater or knife
  • Something to mash up the soap

When it comes to choosing the soap, I just used some moisturising soap by Dove, but if you want you can go for soap with tea tree in or lavender just to ensure it’s antibacterial. Most supermarkets sell bars of soap very cheap!

Step 1:

Make sure to clean out and disinfect your container and you have all your tools ready to go. Also, make sure your hands are clean! If you want to wear gloves because the soap gets messy when you’re cutting it then feel free.


Step 2:

If you can grate the soap then do so but I didn’t have one laying around so I had to use a knife to chop it into small pieces. It’s hard and the knife can slip really easily so be as careful as you possibly can! Because of my container size, I used 2 bars instead just to make sure I had enough to last a few weeks.


Step 3:

Add a small amount of boiling water, if you haven’t grated the soap and cut it instead then it’s better to use something to mash it all up so it smooths out. The boiling water will melt the odd bits and seal it all in. Using the back of a spoon you can smooth it all out even more.

Step 4:

Make sure it’s got a lid so it’s not being left out collecting bacteria. Then all you have to do it add some water, not too much and get cleaning your brushes! Always check after they’ve been swilled around the soap in the container that they get a thorough wash with cold water. This obviously ensures that all soap and makeup leaves the bristles. Lay them on their side, onto a towel just because if they get left with the bristles facing up the water will run down the handle causing the glue under the bristles to fall apart.


I have been using mine non-stop since I made it, my brushes are coming up so clean and I’ve already noticed that makeup application is alot smoother!

I enjoyed doing a DIY for a change! It’s nice when you can use one of these ‘hacks’ from social media to make something to help with makeup! Take care – Beth x




4 Eyeshadow Palettes You Need for Beginners

I have done some posts here and there for beginners when it comes to makeup. I began makeup 2 years ago and I still have some things to learn but I can honestly say it has improved so much! Before I knew how to blend properly or how to use colours correctly I stayed away from big, bright and colourful palettes. So in this post, I am going to talk you through 4 eyeshadow palettes you need as a beginner in makeup.

When I started out, playing it safe colour-wise was essential, the palettes I am going to show you are mainly going to be warm, neutral palettes but some may have a pop of colour. I have used all the palettes I am including in this post, the majority are purse-friendly too! Feel free to follow my Instagram to see how I use these shadows!

It can also be more helpful to use the correct tools and prep your base properly. You don’t need to do it like all these Instagram mua’s do, a bit of foundation or concealer on the lid would do nicely. Shadow brushes I’d recommend for starters is anything by Spectrum, Zoeva or BH Cosmetics.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette

This palette is my go-to every single time, it has a perfect colour story for someone who loves warm tones but also wants to experiment with colour from time to time. It is on the pricier side but Jeffree’s formula is incredible. The shimmers are amazing, they can be intense or dulled down. Absolutely perfect!


 £52 Beautybay.com


Violet Voss Holy Grail

As you can see from my image for this post, my palette has been absolutely battered from all the usage. Most of the shadows have hit pan because it was my most used palette for two years, I used it for liner, cut creases, everyday looks, you name it. Would 100% tell everyone to buy this one. I love the red tones in it too.


(£43 Beautybay.com)

BH Cosmetics Summer In St Tropez

This one is a lot more experimental colour story-wise. I love BH’s formula, even the Carli Bybel palette from way back in the day. The shimmers are so beautiful and will bring a pop to any look you do. You can get braver with the colour story, it’s all about playing around and seeing what works.


(£12.50 beautybay.com)


BeautyBay EYN Fiery Palette

I don’t use this palette often but I like the fact that this has a very warm tone colour story, hence the name ‘fiery’. This has some dark enough tones to deepen up the crease and to do liners. The shimmer shadows are also stunning. The price of the palette is extremely cheap too in comparison to the others mentioned.


(£10 beautybay.com)

Starting in makeup is scary and eyeshadow was one of the steps I found extremely tough. Another thing I’d recommend is when you’re starting out try not to aim to do dramatic looks. It’s taken me two years to master using black eyeshadow when creating smokey eyes! Good luck!

I have been a little mia recently but it’s been one of those times where life has been a bit too much but I am getting back on track now and getting back into blogging – Beth x