Korean Skincare Haul

After watching numerous K dramas I was blown away by how every single actor/actress has glass-like skin with no imperfections. I had heard I had looked at YesStyle but the shipping time I was quoted was unreal and I was worrying about potential customs charges! So after searching around the web, I came across a site called PureSeoul .

Theyre UK based and it only took 3 days for my items to arrive to me. I spent just under £50 which wasn’t bad at all to say I bought 11 items in total. Let’s dive into it and I hope you enjoy watching me practically throw away my furlough pay, gotta be done though!



Laneige Sleeping Masks (face and lips) £3.80/£4.90

These masks cost just under £5 and they’re fantastic. I might do a review at some point but I bought these beacause i wanted something lightweight to wear through the nightime that doesn’t feel oily but still gives moisture to the skin. Buy it here.


Etude House Lip Tint £4.80

I got this in the shade OR202 . I thought the orange shade would look so gorgeous and I have always wanted to try a lip tint the doesn’t get taken off easily by things I eat and drink. This tint is waterbased and comes in a range of shades. Buy it here.



 Etude House Cleanser & Toner £1.90/£9.80

I read a article of theirs talking about 10 step korean skincare routines and this came up as an option to use when double cleansing so after I read five star reviews I caved in and bought it. Along with a trial sized toner to try. I paid £9.80 for 150ml of cleanser which I don’t find too bad at all. I’ll be posting about my updated skincare routine soon but let me tell you, this wash is amazing! Buy it here.



A’Pieu Sheet Mask £2.30

Sheet masks are a major step in the 10 step routine! This one was just calling to me, the packaging was gorgeous and the fact it was pineapple scented enticed me even more. Buy it here.



Banila.Co Clean It Zero Balm (4pack) £12.80

These balms have 4 different types as each type does something different. They all work with a double cleanse routine! I decided to get the set so I can try different ones and see what’s best for me. Theres the original, purifying, revitalising and moisturing balm that comes in this pack. Buy it here.




This company was so kind to send along these freebies with my order. Two are trial size and one is a full sized sheet mask! Products feel 10x better when they’re free, am I right? I obviously used to mask about 10 minutes after unboxing my order, my skin has been glowing since.




I love showing you things I’ve bought when I am desparately trying to save money, oh well. Shopping is a form of self care and lord knows we need it right now. Take care – Beth x





(I haven’t been asked to make a post mentioning this brand. I just wanted to support them as they were incredible with customer service and delivered everything to me quickly. All is bought with my own money! )

My Everyday Makeup Routine

I wear makeup often, not every day but often. I have seen thousands of bloggers share their makeup routine and I am yet to share mine, I get asked a lot about what products I use so I thought I’d bring this post to you so you could see for yourself! Let me know in the comments your favourite go-to products!

My routine when it comes to skin stays the same always because I have spent years trying to find the perfect combination of products that actually lasts and looks great for my specific skin type/problems.

For a primer, I obviously moisturise beforehand with Cetaphil as it doesn’t feel oily on my skin or breaks me out. Depending on what I’ll be doing on the day like if I am going to work I’ll put some primer on so I am guaranteed more lasting wear, one of my go-to primers is by MUA and its the Pro Base Oil Free PrimerThen for a foundation, I use the Maybelline Superstay as it evens out all my texture and covers perfectly! It has been my favourite since 2018.



My under eyes are scarily dark so after foundation comes concealer, I have 2 go two concealers right now that I am trying to use up. They are FULL COVERAGE like scarily full coverage. one is the ELF Camo Concealer and the other is L’Oreal Infallible Concealer. For setting everything I use the Laura Mercier Powder, it doesn’t look cakey and sets everything for me.

I use the Benefit Hoola lite for contour and Cookie highlighter for a blinding highlight! It’s so stunning.

Brows are the window to the soul for me! Spend most of my time on eyeshadow and brows. My mum got me a Benefit brow set so I have every bit of brow equipment I need to get them looking stunning. I usually take pomade and a brow mascara as I like full-looking brows.

blue blood

When it comes down to eyeshadow, it all depends on what mood I am. Recently I have been doing some neutral shades in the crease and then going in with a navy shade of shadow and smoking it out on my lash line. The everyday palettes I go to are the Blood Sugar or Blue Blood by Jeffree Star.

To seal everything in I use Morphe’s setting spray, it’s really good but genuinely not worth the price point. I was bought it for Christmas so I obviously use it but wouldn’t pay that much for it!

Lastly, time for lips. I like them to look glossy and big. I am all about glossy at the moment. My go-to gloss is by Barry M and it the XXL Swell, makes my lips look amazing and is extremely affordable. A word of warning if you do buy this gloss: it does sting to make your lips bigger, so if you don’t like that sensation do not buy.  Once this is done, I am ready to go!


How is everyone doing during this hard time? I was doing really well and I cracked a bit recently. Been feeling very lonely as my friends haven’t really been reaching back out to me but I guess it is what it is. I pray everyone is ok and staying safe. Take care – Beth x




How to Make Your Own Makeup Brush Cleaner

After scrolling through hours and hours of Tik Tok videos I came across a video of a girl making her own brush cleaner and I thought to myself I HAVE TO DO THIS! It’s money-saving, quick and helped me upcycle storage containers I had laying around.

As an MUA I have over 50 makeup brushes, plenty for my eyes, face, contour and beauty blenders for my base. These need to be cleaned often as harmful bacteria multiplies easily onto the fibres. It can cause acne, blackheads or even conjunctivitis. Research shows that bacteria such as E.coli, fungus and staphylococcus are just some of the few bacterias to be found on makeup brushes who haven’t seen soap and water in a while.

So let’s get these brushes clean, make makeup application better and save money!  I’m going to show you how to make it using a step by step guide, it’s super easy.

You will need:

  • 1-3 bars of soap (depending on container size)
  • Boiling water
  • A spare container (I used an old, clean lunchbox)
  • A cheese grater or knife
  • Something to mash up the soap

When it comes to choosing the soap, I just used some moisturising soap by Dove, but if you want you can go for soap with tea tree in or lavender just to ensure it’s antibacterial. Most supermarkets sell bars of soap very cheap!

Step 1:

Make sure to clean out and disinfect your container and you have all your tools ready to go. Also, make sure your hands are clean! If you want to wear gloves because the soap gets messy when you’re cutting it then feel free.


Step 2:

If you can grate the soap then do so but I didn’t have one laying around so I had to use a knife to chop it into small pieces. It’s hard and the knife can slip really easily so be as careful as you possibly can! Because of my container size, I used 2 bars instead just to make sure I had enough to last a few weeks.


Step 3:

Add a small amount of boiling water, if you haven’t grated the soap and cut it instead then it’s better to use something to mash it all up so it smooths out. The boiling water will melt the odd bits and seal it all in. Using the back of a spoon you can smooth it all out even more.

Step 4:

Make sure it’s got a lid so it’s not being left out collecting bacteria. Then all you have to do it add some water, not too much and get cleaning your brushes! Always check after they’ve been swilled around the soap in the container that they get a thorough wash with cold water. This obviously ensures that all soap and makeup leaves the bristles. Lay them on their side, onto a towel just because if they get left with the bristles facing up the water will run down the handle causing the glue under the bristles to fall apart.


I have been using mine non-stop since I made it, my brushes are coming up so clean and I’ve already noticed that makeup application is alot smoother!

I enjoyed doing a DIY for a change! It’s nice when you can use one of these ‘hacks’ from social media to make something to help with makeup! Take care – Beth x




4 Eyeshadow Palettes You Need for Beginners

I have done some posts here and there for beginners when it comes to makeup. I began makeup 2 years ago and I still have some things to learn but I can honestly say it has improved so much! Before I knew how to blend properly or how to use colours correctly I stayed away from big, bright and colourful palettes. So in this post, I am going to talk you through 4 eyeshadow palettes you need as a beginner in makeup.

When I started out, playing it safe colour-wise was essential, the palettes I am going to show you are mainly going to be warm, neutral palettes but some may have a pop of colour. I have used all the palettes I am including in this post, the majority are purse-friendly too! Feel free to follow my Instagram to see how I use these shadows!

It can also be more helpful to use the correct tools and prep your base properly. You don’t need to do it like all these Instagram mua’s do, a bit of foundation or concealer on the lid would do nicely. Shadow brushes I’d recommend for starters is anything by Spectrum, Zoeva or BH Cosmetics.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette

This palette is my go-to every single time, it has a perfect colour story for someone who loves warm tones but also wants to experiment with colour from time to time. It is on the pricier side but Jeffree’s formula is incredible. The shimmers are amazing, they can be intense or dulled down. Absolutely perfect!


 £52 Beautybay.com


Violet Voss Holy Grail

As you can see from my image for this post, my palette has been absolutely battered from all the usage. Most of the shadows have hit pan because it was my most used palette for two years, I used it for liner, cut creases, everyday looks, you name it. Would 100% tell everyone to buy this one. I love the red tones in it too.


(£43 Beautybay.com)

BH Cosmetics Summer In St Tropez

This one is a lot more experimental colour story-wise. I love BH’s formula, even the Carli Bybel palette from way back in the day. The shimmers are so beautiful and will bring a pop to any look you do. You can get braver with the colour story, it’s all about playing around and seeing what works.


(£12.50 beautybay.com)


BeautyBay EYN Fiery Palette

I don’t use this palette often but I like the fact that this has a very warm tone colour story, hence the name ‘fiery’. This has some dark enough tones to deepen up the crease and to do liners. The shimmer shadows are also stunning. The price of the palette is extremely cheap too in comparison to the others mentioned.


(£10 beautybay.com)

Starting in makeup is scary and eyeshadow was one of the steps I found extremely tough. Another thing I’d recommend is when you’re starting out try not to aim to do dramatic looks. It’s taken me two years to master using black eyeshadow when creating smokey eyes! Good luck!

I have been a little mia recently but it’s been one of those times where life has been a bit too much but I am getting back on track now and getting back into blogging – Beth x














Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial


Valentines Day is fast approaching, It’s a great time to make some good content tailored to the holiday but I was lucky enough to be apart of a collab consisting of me and 13 other bloggers especially for Valentines Day. I have left all of their links at the bottom of the post so you can check them out!

Today I am going to show you how to get my look, a pink and playful look with a pop of glitter suited for Valentines Day. Remember when doing an eye look, take your time. If any of the steps I do are too advanced or you can’t get the hang of it, don’t worry yourself. You can always do the look without doing certain steps if you so wish to. Before you keep scrolling make sure to follow my Instagram for more makeup looks and tutorials.


Products I used:


IMG_5626 2

Step 1: After doing my brows and priming my entire lid with P Louise Base I dipped into a light peach shade and swept it across my lid in the crease. After that, I went into a deeper pink shade and blended that underneath whilst bringing it onto the outer corner of the lid.






Step 2:  After blending thoroughly so it’s nice and blown out, I went in and cut the crease using some full coverage concealer. if you don’t want to add any shimmer you don’t have to but I wanted to be a little bit extra! Once the shimmer is on there I just took a matte shade what we put in the crease and diffused the harsh line where the shimmer and matte shade joined.

When it comes to shimmer, you can use pink shimmer, purple or just white shimmer!




Step 3: add a liner! For this liner, I used the Shane X Jeffree liquid lipstick in ‘Jeffree what the f**k‘. All JSC liquid lips are eye-safe. I think it looks so beautiful! I also added mascara, I used the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara.






Step 4: Add lashes! Some people can be intimidated by lashes but to me, if you don’t finish off with lashes it’s like if you didn’t ice a cake. Somethings missing. You don’t have to add them though, mine might look quite big but if you want something smaller try the Ardell Wispies.  I did also decide to pull the liner up into the crease to make it more of a graphic liner but this sometimes can be hard to do so don’t worry about doing exactly the same!


I hope that you guys like the makeup look I did and also follow the tutorial. This was such a fun collab to do, everyone has some great content in place for this collaboration! Got some exciting and different things planned for the blog too so I’ll see you all very soon. Take care – Beth x


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What I Got for Christmas 2019

Before we start the post I just wanted to say that with this post I am not showing off or trying to come off as spoilt. I just thought it would make a nice post showing the gifts I received, p.s there’s lots of makeup! Let me know what you got for Christmas in the comments below.


Of course, my family know I am obsessed with makeup, they know it’s my passion and what I love to do as my fulltime hobby. They’ve helped me add to my kit by giving me some palettes I desperately wanted, lippies and eyeliners that were all on my wish list this year. I got 4 palettes, Jeffree star jawbreaker, Blue Blood and Controversy Palette. And the Lunar Beauty Strawberry Palette which I want to post a review of. All these palettes are stunning! I also got a top-up of my go-to brow products. I would recommend Jeffree’s eyeshadows, that’s why I asked for them! I have reviewed some of his stuff in the past so feel free to view it here.


Bath & body

My friends and family know I don’t use Lush anymore so they bought me some bath products from Bomb Cosmetics and they’re the cutest! I have organised all my bath products into a cute basket so I can just grab and go when ready.




I got a couple of candles from my mum, Yankee candle of course. She also got me some pj’s, stationery and makeup bits as well. One of the things I love is a Harry Potter Dobby diary she got me! She’s trying to help me get organised which I fully appreciate. I got some gifts which I can’t use due to skin sensitivity but I will be donating those to homeless/women’s shelters. I advise you guys to do the same, instead of throwing the gifts away or letting them sit on a shelf give them to those neediest.



Where can you get these products? For the UK you can visit https://www.beautybay.com/ or for the Jeffree palettes if you are US-based then you can go directly to https://jeffreestarcosmetics.com/. For the Benefit brow set, you can pick that up from John Lewis.


I am beyond blessed to have received what I did, I am grateful, so grateful. What did you guys get for Christmas? Let me know below. Take care – Beth x




Christmas Beauty Gift Guide 2019 – Beauty/Skincare Edition

Christmas Gift Guide 2019

We are here already! November, it’s cold and dark outside, Christmas music plays and we get ready for the big day once again. If you were on my blog last year you’ll know I did blogmas for 24 days of December. This year I’ll be doing 12 days. To get you readily prepared I wanted to bring out a gift guide in November. So get your shopping bags and debit cards at the ready and let’s get into it!



Anastasia Beverley Hills Soft Glam Palette. 


This palette is packed full of neutrals and isn’t intimidating for someone just starting out in makeup. £46 Beauty Bay







Jeffree Star Cosmetics Nude Lipstick Set


Once again, this is perfect for someone who wants variety with makeup and doesn’t want to be intimidated by bright, outlandish colours. £45 Beauty Bay









This has every shade an aspiring mua needs, from soft glam looks to out of this world bright shades this palette is truly perfect. £30 Beauty Bay


BH Cosmetics Poolside Chic Brush Set


No matter what level of artistry you’re at whether you’re a newbie or pro mua, everyone needs brushes. I recommend BH brushes, my collection is full of them and they last really long through washes. £21 Beauty Bay




Jeffree Star Northern Lights Highlight Palette



This is so perfect for any skin tone, it has undertones that everyone likes such as golden, pink, iridescent and peachy. It would suit beginners or pro muas. £48 Beauty Bay




When getting someone skincare gifts you’ll want to get them a set that caters to a variety of skin types, unless you know for certain that they have dry or oily then take the smart decision by getting a variety set.


Mario Badescu Spritz Set


Perfect set for a skincare lover, it caters to all types of skin and I genuinely love this product as it works really well. £17 Beauty Bay






Peter Thomas Roth Mask-erade Kit £17 Beauty Bay

ptro0274f_3A set of face masks for all skin types! You cannot go wrong! It has five mini versions of best-selling masks.






Skin79 Animal Mask set

skse0055f_1A Korean skincare brand, this set is cheap and cheerful and would make a great stocking filler. Or you could even hand one mask to each of your friends. The masks all have different purposes and variety, ones calming, one is moisturizing and the other is brightening. £10 Beauty Bay






Tip: When trying to save money, as annoying as they are, sign up to email alerts from shops. They will let you know when there are flash sales on or black Friday, and sometimes there’s even

I am so excited for Christmas, like seriously excited. All my shopping is complete. I won’t be doing blogmas this year but I will be doing 12 days of Christmas style posts – Beth x






DISCLAIMER: I own NONE of the photographs, in the past, these sites and companies have been kind enough to let me use their photos as long as I credit. All images belong to beautybay.com

Pennywise Glam Halloween Makeup Tutorial

IT is one of my favourite films, I love the original with Tim Curry! And I don’t mind the newest one, it’s a great film but has been done with more comedy in the storyline and character dialogue. But IT has taken the halloween scene by storm and is everyone’s go to halloween look. I’m here to show you how to do a glam Pennywise… but before I do, make sure to follow my Instagram @themakeupbybeth to see all of my halloween looks.


  • You’ll need:
  • Red lipstick or red face paint
  • Grey and black eyeshadow (jfc alien palette)
  • White face paint (optional if you wish to draw the balloons)
  • Red glitter for the eyeliner (optional once again)
  • Lashes (optional but recommended)

The time it takes is roughly 20 mins if you have already done your base makeup.

Using the trusty Alien Palette, you want to start blending a grey eyeshadow (tall grey ) all over your crease and just above the crease. After doing that you’ll want to take a black eyeshadow (black hole) and blend that just below the grey shadow just to give more depth and dimension.

For the Pennywise details you’ll want to take a red liquid lip and draw a slim elongated triangle above the brow and then a downward line from the under eye then curving to the lips. To get the red detailing I first went in with face paint but it wasn’t a deep enough red, instead I took a ABH liquid lip in American Doll.

If you don’t want to add the balloons you don’t have to, if you do then go for it! You’ll just have to add white string and highlights. I just used a white Snazaroo paint to do so.  Because I wanted to be a little extra I also went for a glitter liner with the NYX glitter in GL08. Apply lashes for an extra pop and you’re done.

If you wanna go the extra mile feel free to add a wig that’s not the conventional so a sleek red wig or one with glam, bouncy curls.

Here are the links to the products used in this tutorial:

Snazaroo Face Paint –  justmylook.co.uk

Nyx Glitter in GL08 – nyxcosmetics.co.uk

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien Palette – beautybay.com


I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently, my life has kind of been thrown upside down! Slowly getting back on track. If you wanna see more of my makeup looks for Halloween click the link to my Instagram. Take care – Beth x





How to Get Instagram Brows Tutorial

As a makeup artist who sepnds most of their time on instagram I notice a few trends that come and go. One of those that stayed was the instragram brow trend. Which means extremeley defined and ombre brows, it’s one trend that stuck with me. But being a redhead it’s superhard to find the right colour for my brows, if brands actually cater for us it’s more towards those with a firetruck, box dye reds. Not a natural one. so if youre a red head it’s usuually a taupe kind of shade you need to be going for. I’m going to show you how to get instagram brows.

You will need:

    Angled brush
    Brow pomade
    Brow gel



Using an angled brush, underline the top and bottom of your brows with a pomade. The pomade I’m using is Benefit’s Kabrow in 3.5.



After underlining the brows, I like to fill them in at the end and then get softer towards the front of the brow so it creates an ombre effect so they don’t look too striking.




Then I like to go in with a brow gel and come through all the hairs, especially the front. The brow gel im using is Benefit Gimmie Brow in 3. It makes the brow look much fuller.




I like to the take a lighter concealer and underline the brows to make them look sharper. Blend the concealer and you’re done!



I am so happy to be back after being away for so long. i’ve been working on myself and i’m back stronger than ever. Take care – Beth x





Kaima Cosmetics Review

As I was scrolling through Instagram late the other night, I came across a photo of some beautiful loose pigments from an indie brand I had never heard of called Kaima Cosmetics. Instantly, I fell in love, I knew I had to treat myself and try them out. Because it was my first time trying anything from the brand I only bought two items which were two diamond duo chrome loose pigments;

Genie – shifts between blue and green

UtopiaShifts between lilac and gold

After trying the first batch I went in for round two where I bought two more pigments;

Divinelight blue

Dream catcher – shifts between green and pink


When applying the pigment the payoff is amazing and it doesn’t have much fallout. I find that it also sits really nicely on the eye without any primer.

I did this look using Utopia! Such a beautiful shade that leaves a major impact. I would recommend purchasing these and trying them out, my collection of the loose pigments are starting to grow!

Everything I have said in this review is my genuine opinion, nobody has paid me to say good things about the brand and everything was bought with my own money. Check out my Instagram to see more looks I have done using these products. Take care – Beth x