What I Got for Christmas 2019

Before we start the post I just wanted to say that with this post I am not showing off or trying to come off as spoilt. I just thought it would make a nice post showing the gifts I received, p.s there’s lots of makeup! Let me know what you got for Christmas in the comments below.


Of course, my family know I am obsessed with makeup, they know it’s my passion and what I love to do as my fulltime hobby. They’ve helped me add to my kit by giving me some palettes I desperately wanted, lippies and eyeliners that were all on my wish list this year. I got 4 palettes, Jeffree star jawbreaker, Blue Blood and Controversy Palette. And the Lunar Beauty Strawberry Palette which I want to post a review of. All these palettes are stunning! I also got a top-up of my go-to brow products. I would recommend Jeffree’s eyeshadows, that’s why I asked for them! I have reviewed some of his stuff in the past so feel free to view it here.


Bath & body

My friends and family know I don’t use Lush anymore so they bought me some bath products from Bomb Cosmetics and they’re the cutest! I have organised all my bath products into a cute basket so I can just grab and go when ready.




I got a couple of candles from my mum, Yankee candle of course. She also got me some pj’s, stationery and makeup bits as well. One of the things I love is a Harry Potter Dobby diary she got me! She’s trying to help me get organised which I fully appreciate. I got some gifts which I can’t use due to skin sensitivity but I will be donating those to homeless/women’s shelters. I advise you guys to do the same, instead of throwing the gifts away or letting them sit on a shelf give them to those neediest.



Where can you get these products? For the UK you can visit https://www.beautybay.com/ or for the Jeffree palettes if you are US-based then you can go directly to https://jeffreestarcosmetics.com/. For the Benefit brow set, you can pick that up from John Lewis.


I am beyond blessed to have received what I did, I am grateful, so grateful. What did you guys get for Christmas? Let me know below. Take care – Beth x




Christmas Beauty Gift Guide 2019 – Beauty/Skincare Edition

Christmas Gift Guide 2019

We are here already! November, it’s cold and dark outside, Christmas music plays and we get ready for the big day once again. If you were on my blog last year you’ll know I did blogmas for 24 days of December. This year I’ll be doing 12 days. To get you readily prepared I wanted to bring out a gift guide in November. So get your shopping bags and debit cards at the ready and let’s get into it!



Anastasia Beverley Hills Soft Glam Palette. 


This palette is packed full of neutrals and isn’t intimidating for someone just starting out in makeup. £46 Beauty Bay







Jeffree Star Cosmetics Nude Lipstick Set


Once again, this is perfect for someone who wants variety with makeup and doesn’t want to be intimidated by bright, outlandish colours. £45 Beauty Bay









This has every shade an aspiring mua needs, from soft glam looks to out of this world bright shades this palette is truly perfect. £30 Beauty Bay


BH Cosmetics Poolside Chic Brush Set


No matter what level of artistry you’re at whether you’re a newbie or pro mua, everyone needs brushes. I recommend BH brushes, my collection is full of them and they last really long through washes. £21 Beauty Bay




Jeffree Star Northern Lights Highlight Palette



This is so perfect for any skin tone, it has undertones that everyone likes such as golden, pink, iridescent and peachy. It would suit beginners or pro muas. £48 Beauty Bay




When getting someone skincare gifts you’ll want to get them a set that caters to a variety of skin types, unless you know for certain that they have dry or oily then take the smart decision by getting a variety set.


Mario Badescu Spritz Set


Perfect set for a skincare lover, it caters to all types of skin and I genuinely love this product as it works really well. £17 Beauty Bay






Peter Thomas Roth Mask-erade Kit £17 Beauty Bay

ptro0274f_3A set of face masks for all skin types! You cannot go wrong! It has five mini versions of best-selling masks.






Skin79 Animal Mask set

skse0055f_1A Korean skincare brand, this set is cheap and cheerful and would make a great stocking filler. Or you could even hand one mask to each of your friends. The masks all have different purposes and variety, ones calming, one is moisturizing and the other is brightening. £10 Beauty Bay






Tip: When trying to save money, as annoying as they are, sign up to email alerts from shops. They will let you know when there are flash sales on or black Friday, and sometimes there’s even

I am so excited for Christmas, like seriously excited. All my shopping is complete. I won’t be doing blogmas this year but I will be doing 12 days of Christmas style posts – Beth x






DISCLAIMER: I own NONE of the photographs, in the past, these sites and companies have been kind enough to let me use their photos as long as I credit. All images belong to beautybay.com

Christmas Eve – Blogmas Day 24

day 244444.jpg

24 days in and we have landed on Christmas Eve. My plans for today are to work for a couple of hours and add the finishing touches to everything. I’ll be going through everything with a checklist today so a checklist of presents I’ve got and wrapped, food that’s been prepped, room tidied and fully decorated and everything is in order for tomorrow.

Once everything is prepared, it’ll be time to wind down, eat some food and chill out watching Christmas specials!

This will only be a short post, but I will be away for a week or so after today’s post has gone live, blogmas has definitely taken it out of me. It’s been a whole lot of work and commitment, I only decided to do blogmas in late November which I guess what a little bit silly. I had everything scheduled for the whole first week of December and then about 7 posts had to be scrapped because I couldn’t find a way of posting them without the original images which of course can be a copyright issue.

But, I think I am going to sound off here. I want to say a massive thank you to each and every single one of you that have read my blogmas posts, that’s supported my Instagram photos and that has just been a friend to me/helping me in the blogging community. Let’s make 2019 incredible!

Have a fantastic Christmas wherever you are, if you don’t celebrate it then just enjoy whatever it is you’re doing and once again, thank you for 2018 All the love – Beth x

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2019 Goals – Blogmas Day 23

2018 is almost at an end, I’ve already reflected and recapped this year in my last post so it’s time to set some goals for the year ahead. I won’t list anything that’s insanely unattainable! Enjoy.



I would love to be able to start earning some form of income from blogging, in the future, I would love blogging to become my proper job as I’m sick of pulling pints for a crap wage.


Being invited to events would be incredible! Like to lush to make a bath bomb or to a makeup event! Would be absolutely amazing and I would love to experience it.

Get in shape/self-development

My main goal is to lose weight, build muscle and become healthier. I want to like what I see in the mirror more than I currently do. Also, sounds cliche but I will strive to self develop more and work harder on my mental health.

Attempt to travel

I don’t fly so I would like to aim to do more UK city breaks or Europe ones via the Eurostar.

Work with brands

It would be a dream and an honour to get the chance to work with brands that I love! A dream would be to work with a makeup brand or a brand that I follow heavily such as Deathwishco and Bomb cosmetics.

Be content

I just wish to be very content with life. Content with finances, myself and relationships


I’d love to collab with more bloggers! Let me know if you’d love to do this!

Day 23 done! I am not in the spirit just yet and I don’t really know why, hopefully, tomorrow it’ll sink in. But after this post please tell me your goals for 2019 below! Take care – Beth x

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2018 Recap & Achievements​ – Blogmas Day 22


As this year is coming to an end, it makes us reflect on what the past year has put us through. I want to sit here and say it’s been absolute rubbish but I am naturally pessimistic!

There has been alot that has happened in the past 365 days, some things I can openly divulge but some things that are best kept private. But amongst the negatives, there have been some positives! In June of this year, The Makeup by Beth was born after I wanted to write about how bad a foundation was. 6 months down the line, this blog has become my life. Of course, people will state how their views are achievements which I guess they are to an extent but no matter if it’s 1 or 100 people that like my work, it all means something and I will never ever become ungrateful.

I have also been lucky enough to have made some friendships via the blogging and youtube community and I couldn’t be happier! It’s really nice to have like-minded people to talk to and get you through whatever it is I am going through. Below I will list some things off that are classed as an achievement to me.

I faced some BIG fears

It is a big thing for me but in June I had to have emergency dental work done. This meant having needles and I did it! I can’t believe I sat through it and stayed strong. Again, it might seem daft but to me,    it was a big achievement.

I worked harder on improving my mental health

I decided to really take control of my mental health this year, I invested a lot of time into self-care and working on coping strategies. Of course, I have still had those dark times and times where I have wanted to give up, but, it’s been a lot easier to bounce back.

I worked harder on improving my physical health

In February I worked very hard on my physical appearance, I had a membership with slimming world and lost about 2 stone. I have since fallen off the bandwagon but it showed me that I could lose weight, that the willpower and strength was there.

I was noticed by brands

I was noticed by DeathWishCo and since then they have become close friends of mine. I am not affilated and I don’t make money from them but they’re a kick-ass brand that support my work constantly! I have been noticed by some makeup brands that have been nice to comment on my pictures or give them likes, which may sound small but I really appreciate it.

I was voted for a real award!

So I received an email saying I was nominated for a UK Blog Award 2019! I was gobsmacked, me of all people! If you could be so kind and vote for me HERE.

I found myself

This will sound cheesy but after years of feeling like I didn’t belong, I feel like I finally have found where I am meant to be, learnt my worth and won’t settle for less. Blogging and Instagram have definitely given me a drive which I didn’t have before.


Please let me know what your biggest achievements of the year are! Doesn’t have to be blog related, can be anything! Take care – Beth x

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Nottingham Christmas Market – Blogmas Day 18

Christmas markets are another great thing about Christmas, I would love to be able to visit the Nuremberg market in Germany! But for now, I best settle for Nottingham, I took some beautiful pictures and wanted to show you around. Feel free to see more images of this market over on my Instagram.

Every year it’s more or less the exact same setup, an Ice rink in the middle of the market, a big bar/restaurant attraction in Market Square and a long row of stalls that are independent businesses selling handmade and generic items. It’s packed with hot chocolate stands, handmade fudge stands and stands where you can buy a reindeer burgers. Not the most appetising on the last part.

FYI this smelt so good when I walked past! No reindeer burger at this one just good old Yorkshire’s.

A place for hotdogs and burgers! Again, it smelt beautiful when I walked past.

Of course this image was taken about two weeks ago when I went to the ice rink in the day time! It was the perfect idea of winter and Christmas.

This is the alpine bar and grill! I wanted to visit here but it was absolutely jam packed, there’s was no chance of us even getting a sniff of the front door.

Of course there is a beautiful huge tree in the middle of Market Square! Simple but stunning.

Me and my sister enjoying the festivities 🎄

How stunning is this market? It’s local to me and it may be small but it does a good job every time. Let me know your favourite Xmas markets in the comments! Take Care – Beth x

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The Winter Tag – Blogmas Day 17

I have been tagged by Amy over at Fleurdubelle to do the Winter Tag. The Winter Tag consists of answering questions, stating random facts about yourself then nominating 12 other bloggers. Hope you enjoy!

The Rules

  • Share 12 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 12 questions.
  • List 12 bloggers you want to do the tag. They can be anyone you want.
  • Let the bloggers know you nominated them.

My 12 Random Facts

  • I am a sucker for anything Grinch, I have slippers, wrapping paper and pj’s. All with The Grinch on.
  • I am obsessed with Lil Peep.
  • I love buying decor for my room.
  • I am a candle collector/hoarder.
  • My dogs are my everything.
  • I quit uni after two weeks.
  • Christmas is my favourite holiday.
  • I am 21 in 3 weeks time.
  • Burgers and pizza are easily my favourite food ever!
  • On the topic of pizza, I do love pineapple on mine. Sorry.
  • My dream holiday is going to Amsterdam
  • I wanna make a bucket list for 2019


1. What are your favourite things about Winter?
As much as I hate it I also love how cold it gets, I love waking up to a frost in the morning and always hope for the snow in winter.
2. What is your favourite Winter outfit?
My khaki long coat, tartan scarf, jeans and brown boots! it’s like fall and winter combined.
3. What is your favourite Winter food?
Can’t go wrong with some festive meal deals from Sainsbury’s! A turkey, cranberry and pigs in blankets sandwich! 10/10. Of course, the chocolates make it too.
4. Favourite Winter drink?
Easily has to be a hot chocolate! Although I am very fond of a hazelnut or vanilla latte this time of year. When I don’t need to go out anywhere, I will sit in and have a Bailey’s Hot Chocolate! Amazing!
5. What is your dream way to spend a Winter’s day?
Sat indoors in my pyjamas, wrapped up in a duvet with a hot drink in hand.
6. How do you like to do your make-up in the Winter?
A lot of glitter and blue tone shades! I like to resemble the frost outside.
7. What are you hoping Santa brings you?
Hopefully, a camera to take blog photos and close up of makeup looks as my phone quality is pants.
8. What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?
Snow, Christmas trees and frost.
9. What is your favourite Winter song?
A Winters Tale by Queen is the one that sticks out the most as my favourite.
10. What is your favourite Winter memory?
I can’t choose there are so many! Probably would be Alfie’s first time in the snow!
11. What is your favourite Winter scent?
Easily something Christmas tree scented, we were never able to get a real one as they dried out so we used to buy a synthetic one and I would spray a fir-scented air fresher everywhere!
12. Finish this sentence… If I could have one wish this Christmas it would be…
To be happy and embrace the festivities. Also to be blessed with having time to spend with family as we are all always so busy.
I’m sorry if you have already been nominated! Please ignore me if you have! x
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Alixkate – alixkate.co.uk
This was a fun post to do, Blogmas is almost up can you believe how fast it’s going? Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Take care – Beth x

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Self Care at Christmas – Blogmas Day 16

Christmas, it’s known for rushing and stress. Although I love this time of year, it makes my anxiety go into overdrive so sometimes I need to pull over and take some time away. I am going to show you how I practise self-care at Christmas, keep in mind everyone has different ways of doing it and if you have some methods, let me know below. Enjoy!


Watch Christmas Movies. I’ll usually sit and wrap presents with a Christmas film playing in the background, it’s usually The Grinch but I do love Nativity! It’s a great method to install more excitement into the festive period, rather than add stress.

candle-celebration-christmas-267067.jpgLight a nice Candle. I love to put on my candles and soak up the beautiful scents. It is very relaxing, well I find it is anyway. I have been in a major shopping spree of some winter/festive scents to get me in the mood

Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows and Cookies on Plate

Eat & Drink. We all know that food and drink are the best things about Christmas, well when I am stressed with the online shopping or out in town I love to sit and have a hot chocolate! If I am out I’ll opt for something vanilla or hazelnut. It’s almost like a tea break!

Here is the perfect example of me putting self-care into practice:

So this Friday I went out shopping with my sister, I made a BIG lost of everything that needed doing on that day, so;

  • Presents
  • Wrapping paper
  • Cards
  • Stocking Fillers
  • Health and beauty essentials for me

Let’s just say I became very overwhelmed before I had even stepped foot into the shopping centre. The night before I was anxious about getting everything done, I tried to do something else to distract but felt very unprepared so I couldn’t relax. Once we were in town I suffered multiple panic attacks, so to make everything not seem so overwhelming we took 3 stops, 1 in McDonald’s for a refresh, 1 in Debenhams Cafe for a coffee and lastly Five Guys for something to eat.


Having these little coffee breaks gave me time to rekindle myself and my thoughts, it was the perfect opportunity for me to reevaluate what I needed to do and which shops I needed to visit. I was able to start ticking things off the list and slowly eliminating my anxiety. I also made sure my body was fueled with energy, hence why I made a trip to Five Guys!

If you’re out Christmas shopping, take regular coffee breaks, make it a bit more leisurely and visit the Christmas market for a bit! After wrapping up hundreds of gifts, get in the bath, drop in your favourite bath bomb and RELAX.

I really hope some of you can take inspo from this, remember to take time out for some self-care. It isn’t selfish one bit, you just need to time to rejuvenate.

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Winter Skin Care Routine – Blogmas Day 14

My skin type naturally oily and dry. When it’s humid outside I’ll bring out the matte primers, setting sprays and clay masks. But when it comes to the winter time all of those get pushed to the back of the drawer as I’m gonna need some moisture.



I have two go-to moisturisers currently:

  • E45 – This cream is the go-to for when my skin dries, cracks and becomes sore. The cream is formulated for sores and dryness with no fragrance so it’s loving to your skin without any heavy fragrance.
  • Superdrug Nourishing Gel Moisturiser – This cream is packed full of vitamin C! I love it because it makes my skin look bright and bouncy


I will exfoliate rarely in the winter time, just to get rid of the dead dry skin but of course, I don’t overdo it because it can break my skin open. Which we don’t want because it stings!


All my matte foundations get pushed away to the back of the drawer and I sway more towards dewy foundations as matte will stick to my dry patches. The dewy ones also make me look more glowy which is a go-to at Christmas time. If you still want something oil battling then go for a demi-matte foundation so you have the combo of dewy and matte. The Colourpop foundation is a great one for me to use because it’s a bit of both and doesn’t cling to my dry areas!

Face Masks

Two words, sheet masks. The ones by Simple are great! Unfortunately, I can’t use the Garnier ones as they break me out. But these sheet masks hold so much moisture that my face is very grateful of and I’m glowing afterwards.

Spot Treatments

I cannot avoid using my spot treatments, but the con to them is the salicylic acid. The acid dries the hell out of my skin so I will either let spots reduce on their own depending on size or I will only dot on the treatment to the spots that need it. I use an anti-blemish solution from Clinique, would recommend to all of you breakout/acne sufferers.

Makeup Remover

Using my normal product to remove makeup would be Garnier’s Micellar Water, but this strips the oils and moisture which I don’t need in the winter time. so instead I will either use Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm or YourGoodSkin Hot Cloth Cleanser. Both of these products completely strip the makeup from my face but also restore some moisturising goodness.

Tell me below your winter skincare tips and tricks! 2 weeks into Blogmas, counting down until the big day! Take Care – Beth x

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Christmas Candle Haul – Blogmas Day 13

I can’t help but despise the smell of cinnamon, gingerbread and winter spiced anything! So sometimes finding Christmas candles that I actually like the smell of is a lot of trial and error. I’ve gone and bought quite a few which I wanna show to all of you, only one is cinnamon scented which I can live with.

Firstly I went to Cardzone in Nottingham City Centre and bought 5 Yankee Candle votives for £5!


  • Snowflake Cookie – Sweet scent with hints of a biscuity undertone.
  • All Is Bright – Smells very musky with some fruity/citrus smell.
  • Icy Blue Spruce – Smells like Christmas trees and spearmint. Refreshing!
  • Winter Wonder – Quite a sweet scent of citrus and vanilla.
  • Red Rasberry – Rasberry scented of course! I know it’s not festive but love the smell.

Then I ordered some wax melts from Scent Circus (they have good products but customer service is not the best, buy at own risk).


  • Treats For Santa – Cocoa and milk scented.
  • Away in a Manager – Fir scented.
  • Dachshund Through The Snow – Satsuma scented.
  • Robin Around The Christmas Tree – Apple and raspberry scented.

Who doesn’t love candles? Which is your favourite Christmas scent? Let me know below! Also, I hope you’re enjoying blogmas. Take care – Beth x

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