How I’m Staying Occupied in Isolation

This post is part of a collaboration between me and a group of other talented, female bloggers. We have since started a group called the blog brew. All of their links are at the bottom of this post so please make sure to support their posts too! I wanted to bring you a post about things I am getting up to whilst being isolated.

In the UK we are about 3 weeks into lockdown, we can only go out for food shopping, medical care and one outdoor exercise activity per day. Being confined to a house, I have been trying to get as creative as possible! Please stay at home and stay safe.


Spending more time with family

My mum and dad both work 5 days a week so I don’t get much time with them to spend as a proper family. Having the time to spend with them now is the best thing ever, I am making sure we can stay focused by doing puzzles, playing board games, baking and being active. I even have made Thursday night our quiz nights! My family does get very competitive when it comes to board games though, do yours?


Watching movies & TV shows

I hopped on the bandwagon and got Disney+ to keep me entertained. I don’t really watch normal TV, just the odd game show here and there so having the ability to go and watch as many movies as I like is brilliant for me. I made a list of everything I wanted to see and I have gotten through it pretty quickly. There were loads of new releases I checked out, last night I watched Lady and The Tramp (2019) and then Bohemian Rhapsody! So amazing! My TV show of choice is Grey’s Anatomy and The ACT.

Setting Goals/learning new things


I have now got the time to do as many things as I would like to. I thought the best way to spend my time would be by being productive and learning a few things. My friend sent me a link to courses through Wowcher, I have found a makeup course which I’m now studying and will earn a certificate for at the end. When I started getting bored of lockdown by week 2, I decided to sit and make a list of all the things I wanted to learn and achieve by the end of it:

  • Learn to bullet journal
  • Learn more songs on the piano
  • Do a course of some sort
  • Learn how to draw illustrations

Working Out


I have been a little bit reluctant to even go out walking now because people are idiotic and can’t seem to stick to the distancing rules so I have stayed away from going out and walking the dog. Instead, I have turned to online workouts, HIIT from home and playing football in the garden. In the first week of lockdown, I stayed on the sofa, didn’t move or workout but now I know that by getting my body moving will also help distract my mind too.

Chilling out


One of the main things is making sure I do have my chillout times. The excuse of not having any work to go to or being able to go out means I can spend more time sleeping in, playing as much Sims as I can and staying in my pj’s all day. Some days I am a little bit lazy and don’t get dressed or wake up till about 3pm but I might as well enjoy it whilst I can.

Even though I have been posting about COVID 19 and how I keep occupied, please learn the right tips to stay safe during this pandemic. Stay home, stay safe, protect our NHS. Take care – Beth x




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