Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial


Valentines Day is fast approaching, It’s a great time to make some good content tailored to the holiday but I was lucky enough to be apart of a collab consisting of me and 13 other bloggers especially for Valentines Day. I have left all of their links at the bottom of the post so you can check them out!

Today I am going to show you how to get my look, a pink and playful look with a pop of glitter suited for Valentines Day. Remember when doing an eye look, take your time. If any of the steps I do are too advanced or you can’t get the hang of it, don’t worry yourself. You can always do the look without doing certain steps if you so wish to. Before you keep scrolling make sure to follow my Instagram for more makeup looks and tutorials.


Products I used:


IMG_5626 2

Step 1: After doing my brows and priming my entire lid with P Louise Base I dipped into a light peach shade and swept it across my lid in the crease. After that, I went into a deeper pink shade and blended that underneath whilst bringing it onto the outer corner of the lid.






Step 2:  After blending thoroughly so it’s nice and blown out, I went in and cut the crease using some full coverage concealer. if you don’t want to add any shimmer you don’t have to but I wanted to be a little bit extra! Once the shimmer is on there I just took a matte shade what we put in the crease and diffused the harsh line where the shimmer and matte shade joined.

When it comes to shimmer, you can use pink shimmer, purple or just white shimmer!




Step 3: add a liner! For this liner, I used the Shane X Jeffree liquid lipstick in ‘Jeffree what the f**k‘. All JSC liquid lips are eye-safe. I think it looks so beautiful! I also added mascara, I used the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara.






Step 4: Add lashes! Some people can be intimidated by lashes but to me, if you don’t finish off with lashes it’s like if you didn’t ice a cake. Somethings missing. You don’t have to add them though, mine might look quite big but if you want something smaller try the Ardell Wispies.  I did also decide to pull the liner up into the crease to make it more of a graphic liner but this sometimes can be hard to do so don’t worry about doing exactly the same!


I hope that you guys like the makeup look I did and also follow the tutorial. This was such a fun collab to do, everyone has some great content in place for this collaboration! Got some exciting and different things planned for the blog too so I’ll see you all very soon. Take care – Beth x


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Valentines Day 2019 – What’s​ the Best Thing About Being Single?

Valentine’s day, the one day of the year where everyone seems to be a lot more loved up than normal. The past fortnight every shopping website I have visited has hearts and lovey-dovey things plastered all over it. It seems to be that it’s a day just made for those people that have someone to share it with, so what are us singletons supposed to do? Well, let’s celebrate the best things about being single. Also note that I am not trying to say that relationships are bad, in this post I’m strictly trying to embrace single life.

I don’t need to panic about my appearance 

There’s not much need for me to be precise about upkeeping a squeaky clean appearance, by that I don’t mean let myself go and be disgusting. I just mean I don’t need to have my makeup on all the time, don’t need to shave my legs and I can wear the most granny like underwear you’ve ever seen.

No unnecessary arguments

I have an issue with arguing all the time with people I care about, especially when my emotions come into play.

Jealousy, who’s she?

I feel like being single means that I don’t have to worry about being cheated on or hurt. Even though every guy I have ever liked has still caused a lot of pain/damage to my feelings. But not having a boyfriend means I don’t have to worry that there’s someone else out there that’s better for him than I am.

No food sharing

I am a major foodie that will NOT share food, it’s good that I have no one to share it with right? I just can’t bear to share food with others, pizza is too good to be shared.

Bed to myself

I love nothing more than my bed, I wriggle around a lot in my sleep too so it’s good that I’m not gonna be rolling onto someone anytime soon.

Do what you want when you want

You can do whatever makes you happy, you don’t need to rely on a partner to go everywhere with you. You don’t have to miss out on things you love doing because they might find it boring.

You only buy for yourself

You can spend £15 in Mcdonalds for yourself, you don’t have to add on the extra £10 to pay for someone else. It’s a win-win, more money for me to buy makeup.


Thank you to the bloggers who told me their best things about being single!

I’m seeing in yet another valentines day being single, somewhat enjoying it too. Hope you enjoyed this post, it’s slightly random but it came to me at 3am the other night! Also, I’m nearly at 1k over on twitter and 500 over on Instagram so if you would be so kind and click my links below, I DO follow back! Take care – Beth x

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Let’s Talk: Relationships

This is a different type of post for me but I want to break into more content where I can start a conversation with all of you. Keep in mind that these opinions are from my own personal experience and I hope this can maybe help some of you in this current situation or for future reference. Let’s get started.

Today I’ll be talking about romantic relationships. Relationships can be beautiful or painful things that are shared, they’re like rollercoasters, full of ups and downs.

Dating in this day and age is extremely difficult, peoples views on how relationships should be have changed massively. It’s a shock to me to see that people now brag if you’re loyal to your partner, shouldn’t that just come with a relationship anyway?

We also still live in a quite vain society too, with each person having an ideology of what their perfect partner HAS to look like. However, there is more acceptance nowadays but at the same time, people still discriminate on looks. For me, there have been times where I’ve been told my hair colour was the reason I was unattractive (because I wasn’t blonde) and that I wasn’t thin enough. Which again, we all have personal preferences but it damages your self-esteem when people list the things they don’t like about you. Although being told those things hurt me, I’d rather have someone that loves me for me instead of a superficial person so it makes the rejection a lot easier to spring back from.

I have delved into Tinder in the past to actively search for someone and after a day deleted the app, it was horrendous! The number of weird messages I received just made me lose hope in humanity. That’s not me saying there’s something wrong with online dating because you can find that because you speak to them in non-person for a while they have more time to get to know the real you, instead of just the looks you have. I don’t actively search for someone anymore, I prefer to develop love with people I know or have been friends with as they already know and like me for me.

In personal preference, I won’t lie looks are a bonus but I fall in love with a personality. You could be the most beautiful person on the outside and be very ugly on the inside, the same method can be reversed and applied. That isn’t me saying all beautiful people are ugly inside either, just to shut that down now.

At 20 years old I can take my experience so far and put it into practice for the future. The key things to remember are to know your worth, admit when you mess up, be honest, love yourself and communicate. I also strongly think that if you don’t love yourself, you can’t fully love someone else as those issues can contrast and interfere with certain aspects of your relationship. I’ve also learnt that on the journey to finding your ‘perfect’ partner, you’ll meet some horrible people. I know I have before, but each experience makes you tougher and able to face more difficult things in the future. The way I dealt with nasty love interests that treat me poorly was just to walk away, it’s so tough but it get’s easier.

People will hurt you, people will use you and cause a lot of pain. It happens all the time but the one thing to remember no matter how hard it is, not everyone will hurt you. The last point I’ll leave you with is to not force or rush finding someone, you can find love in the most unimaginable and unlikely places. In the past I’ve found love in the people I’d least expect to. Be safe, best of luck and take care – Beth x

Please comment or tweet me @bethhh_okxy and let me know what you thought to this post, did you relate to what I said? Let me know.

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