How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

First of all, it’s so important to clean your makeup brushes/sponges because they harbour bacteria that can cause blackheads, breakout and irritation. I wash mine (depending on how much pigment is on the eyeshadow brushes) once a week. It only takes me about ten minutes but is increasing as my brush collection is ever growing!  In this post, I’m going to show you how I clean them and hopefully this can help you too.

When you wash your brushes you’ll need:

  • A bar of soap or cleanser (either is fine)
  • A clean towel
  • Cleaning Mat
  • Acrylic brush holder (optional)

Step 1

I set up what I like to call my ‘cleaning station’ which is simply where I lay my brushes out, place the silicone cleaning mat in the sink and have my makeup remover balm at the ready.


Step 2

I run the tap and make sure the water is not too hot but hot enough to get some form of lather from the cleanser. I then wet all of my makeup brushes.

Step 3

One by one I swirl my brushes around on the mat that is covered with the cleansing balm and make sure that the brush is going back to it’s original colour so I know that all pigmentation has left the bristles along with the bacteria.

Step 4

I clean my mat of all previous balm and water, turning on the cold tap I allow it to flow onto the brushes to wash out all product. To aid getting rid of the product I swirl the brushes in my clean palm.

Step 5

Once all brushes have been cleaned, I pat the bristles with a towel and lay them flat to dry.


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2018 Recap & Achievements​ – Blogmas Day 22


As this year is coming to an end, it makes us reflect on what the past year has put us through. I want to sit here and say it’s been absolute rubbish but I am naturally pessimistic!

There has been alot that has happened in the past 365 days, some things I can openly divulge but some things that are best kept private. But amongst the negatives, there have been some positives! In June of this year, The Makeup by Beth was born after I wanted to write about how bad a foundation was. 6 months down the line, this blog has become my life. Of course, people will state how their views are achievements which I guess they are to an extent but no matter if it’s 1 or 100 people that like my work, it all means something and I will never ever become ungrateful.

I have also been lucky enough to have made some friendships via the blogging and youtube community and I couldn’t be happier! It’s really nice to have like-minded people to talk to and get you through whatever it is I am going through. Below I will list some things off that are classed as an achievement to me.

I faced some BIG fears

It is a big thing for me but in June I had to have emergency dental work done. This meant having needles and I did it! I can’t believe I sat through it and stayed strong. Again, it might seem daft but to me,    it was a big achievement.

I worked harder on improving my mental health

I decided to really take control of my mental health this year, I invested a lot of time into self-care and working on coping strategies. Of course, I have still had those dark times and times where I have wanted to give up, but, it’s been a lot easier to bounce back.

I worked harder on improving my physical health

In February I worked very hard on my physical appearance, I had a membership with slimming world and lost about 2 stone. I have since fallen off the bandwagon but it showed me that I could lose weight, that the willpower and strength was there.

I was noticed by brands

I was noticed by DeathWishCo and since then they have become close friends of mine. I am not affilated and I don’t make money from them but they’re a kick-ass brand that support my work constantly! I have been noticed by some makeup brands that have been nice to comment on my pictures or give them likes, which may sound small but I really appreciate it.

I was voted for a real award!

So I received an email saying I was nominated for a UK Blog Award 2019! I was gobsmacked, me of all people! If you could be so kind and vote for me HERE.

I found myself

This will sound cheesy but after years of feeling like I didn’t belong, I feel like I finally have found where I am meant to be, learnt my worth and won’t settle for less. Blogging and Instagram have definitely given me a drive which I didn’t have before.


Please let me know what your biggest achievements of the year are! Doesn’t have to be blog related, can be anything! Take care – Beth x

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Wet N Wild Review​

Wet N Wild landed in the UK last week so I placed an order with Beautybay as soon as it dropped. I bought 4 products altogether, 3 face items and 1 brush for packing on eyeshadow. Overall the brand seems very affordable, which if you’re like me and hate splurging with money then this brand is perfect. I picked the products that I knew the brand was mostly recognised for. So sit back and enjoy this review!

Photo Focus Face Primer Matte

Upon application, the primer was a lot more liquidy as I imagined to say it included silicone in its ingredients, disguised as polysilicon. Becuase it’s a matte primer the silicone obviously helps the product adhere to the skin and fight off any slick which could be in the form of liquids and oils. On the skin, it does decrease pore size which is great for me because mine appear quite large.

Now, oil control. The primer most definitely controls oils that my skin emits through the day but what I will say that when I applied it all over my face, my skin appeared flat i.e no definition. Because of the slight lack of definition from all over application, I just apply it to those areas that need no oil to be there so that’s my T zone.


The shade does slightly oxidise, the colour selection on the Beautybay site isn’t great right now as there are only 6 shades to choose from. The shade I purchased was soft ivory and it goes on as a perfect match but does oxidise a tad bit, not horrendously though. I have been using the foundation for about a week now, it’s drying down demi-matte without a primer, I’ve been to work on those days I’ve worn it and oh boy has it stayed put! The coverage is also very buildable which is great for me as my coverage preference does change from day to day. Powders and liquids also sit nicely on top of this. On their US site, there are 20 shades in the foundation, going from porcelain to mahogany so I am hoping that as time goes on, Beautybay will get these shades.


The shade is very similar to my everyday foundation from Maybelline 03 Superstay (left)

MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

The highlighter is pigmented and stunning, but it’s way too dark for my skin tone. I knew how quickly people were going to snap up these highlighters so I picked the only option that was there. In all fairness to me, the photo displayed looked as though I’d be ok with this shade. I went out wearing this product and it was stripes of shadows, how embarrassing! The shades are not great selection so far on Beautybay’s site but the formula is great. My pan arrived from the retailer slightly smashed which I was pretty annoyed about but these things do happen. I can give a better review when they actually get a shade that will suit my pale skin!

Overall thoughts

My overall thoughts on the wet n wild products I have tried so far is that their formulas aren’t too bad it’s more of the shades available. I believe that beauty bay will extend as time goes on but for now I’ll probably have to buy a white mixer for the foundation. I’d definitely recommend Wet N Wild, it’s purse-friendly so whats not to like. In any review I do, I’ll always recommend to buy the product yourself and make up your own mind about formulas, longevity, etc. Remember that everything works differently for different people.

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Glossybox Review – July Edition

Here we go, round 2 with Glossybox. Let’s get ready to dive into this July subscription box.

I stayed on the auto-renew list on their site to give the box another go as last time with Glossybox I felt happy, but somewhat still deflated with the product choice. In the June edition, I have actually fallen in love specifically with a hair mask they included and I will be buying the full-size version of that. Which is a great outcome of having these boxes.

Delivery once again was straightforward, Glossybox states on their site that every box gets dispatched on the same day which is the 5th of every month. I received the box on the 7th of July which makes the delivery time 2 days.

They really blew this box out the water, literally. The sea-theme is utterly beautiful, I feel in the current market mermaid theme things are overdone but this has been presented so nicely. The blue/teal colour scheme makes me feel as though I’ve been transported to my favourite Portuguese beach and the waves are crashing next to me. Glossyboxes packaging is always great, it also is made of a much heavier duty cardboard which feels a little more luxurious. A card is included inside and it explains the products you received and their prices.


Products I received


Palmers Coconut Oil Body Lotion (mini), RRP £5.75 for full size

Essence I Love Extreme Waterproof Mascara (full size) -RRP £2.80

Inuwet Cheek Shell Brush (full size), RRP £13.20

Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste (mini), RRP £10 for full size

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotion SPF 30 (mini sachet), RRP £14.99 for full size

Senhor Do Bonfim Hair Sea Spray  (full size), RRP £18

Total Value =  £38

Pros – I have used all of the products in this box. The box includes 3 more established brands which are Essence, Hawaiian Tropic and Palmers. The mascara is incredible, I was ready for another mascara as I was running out of my No7 one.  It feels a lot more personalised to me this time around, the toothpaste is another faveourite of mine, I’ve just had a tooth removed so my dental care has totally shifted. The toothpaste has definitely helped me, it helps stop the sensitivity I usually suffer with. The sun protection they included was useful as it’s been disgustingly hot in the UK. I’ve also fallen in love with the Shell Brush, it applies my primer well and also helps me sculpt the cheeks/apply the highlight.

Cons – The sizing of products or lack of sizing should I say leave me to assume they put more effort and money into the packaging. The total value was only £38 which is okay I guess, the Hawaiian Tropic sachet is a free sample you can get in a magazine. The most expensive product was the hair spray.

Would I repurchase? –  I was pleasantly surprised with this box I do believe I will stay on the auto-renew list, I’m excited to see what’s in store for next months box. Find Glossybox here

Please let me know in the comments or over on Twitter if you’re enjoying these subscription boxes reviews. Take care – Beth 🙂

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Birchbox Review – July Edition

After receiving my June Birchbox I uploaded a review onto my blog and said maybe I’d consider repurchasing, so when I was sat at home the other day I received a package from the lovely courier lady and of course, it was the Birchbox I forgot to cancel! Silly me. I did end up repurchasing, “technically” anyway. So let’s go ahead and review July’s edition of Birchbox.

Once again I paid £10 for the box and then £2.95 P&P which brought this months total to £12.95.

I cannot really talk about how delivery time was and whether it was good or bad as I had totally forgotten I had carried on with my subscription but all I know is I received it last Saturday which would’ve been the 7th of July. On their website, it states that they ship boxes in the first week of the month so from that I’m guessing my delivery time wasn’t too long.

The packaging looks aesthetically pleasing with pastel watercolours and the logo is covered with a beautiful rose gold. My first complaint has to be about how light the box feels, the cardboard feels very cheap and non-durable. Unlike the Glossybox that feels weighty and sturdy. Inside the box, the products are left to roll around the cardboard, they are not supported by any bubble wrap or cushioning. There was also a booklet with product information inside.

Products I received – July Edition

products birch july

Manna Kadar Long Wear Powder, RRP £15

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick, RRP £12

What’s in it for me..? Shower Scrub, RRP £7

Klorane Makeup Remover, RRP £16

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum, RRP £16

Total for this box = £66

Pros – Sorry to disappoint but the only pro about this box is that I maybe would use one product which is the shower scrub.

Cons –  I’d be using 1/5 of the products, I feel somewhat angry for wasting my money on this.

Would I repurchase? – Well, I let’s just start off by saying I have had 2 boxes now and I have given it a chance but honestly I would not recommend this subscription box. I’m kind of angry because I feel like I’ve just thrown my money at something pointless. I have since then cancelled my subscription box and would just advise against this purchase. But it is totally up to you.

UPDATE: So I reached out to Birchbox customer service to explain how poor these boxes have been lately, after 4 days of waiting for a response they finally responded saying they’d be happy to refund me if I sent back all boxes unused. I replied back to them stating that they send products smaller than sample size for you to try out so of course they’ll be used. It’s been 3 days since and I’ve had no reply. Don’t waste your money guys, seriously! The customer service kinda sucks too as well as the box service.

I hope this review has helped you make a decision whether you would like to purchase this subscription box or not. Check out my other reviews for June Birchbox and June Glossybox.

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​Top 5 Favourite Lipsticks

Lipstick is easily my second favourite makeup product to use, eyeshadow takes first place, sorry. But after some time of purchasing I have grown a collection of around 15 lipsticks, 90% are drugstore brands, but the other 10% are ‘high end’ brands (I cried when paying for them). I managed to narrow down my top 5 favourites, so let’s go, enjoy!

5 – Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in Nude-ist

On my lips this colour comes off more as a darker pink than a nude. This lipstick gives insane pigment with a weightless feel, it literally feels like velvet on my lips. A matte finish but doesn’t bunch up on my inner lip crease, really good for the price.

4 – The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid in Goa Magnolia

This lipstick is highly pigmented, it dries down to a demi-matte finish but feels like a gorgeous mousse on the lips. It’s a darker type of fuchsia/burgundy that looks absolutely stunning.

3 – Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Redrum

This is my second favourite red lipstick and I say second because as it does have a beautiful pigment pay off it tends to crust easily. For me this is NOT transfer proof. I don’t reach for this as much as my other classic red lippie by Too Faced.

2- Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in Lady Balls

My favourite red lipstick of all time, it dries perfectly, doesn’t budge but doesn’t crust up either. I constantly wear this one around Christmas time or for events as it’s overly glamorous for my everyday looks, one swipe and HELLO PIGMENT, only needs one coat.

1 – Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in Childstar

This is my absolute ride or die lipstick. It’s a perfect nude for me and matches the majority of eyeshadow looks that I do, it also compliments my fair skin. I wear this lipstick every day and it’s a product I will happily purchase over and over.

Tell me in the comments below what you’re fave lipstick is, might go and give them a try! Take care – Beth.